Electric Spin Scrubber

Who’d have thought that the day would come when we’d find house cleaning a desirable activity? Who’d have thought we’d choose to clean, not for the results, but for the process? Well, not only is that day upon us, we’re going to be seeing a lot of fulfilled home owners and it’s all thanks to the electric spin scrubber.

It’s a rechargeable device with a head that spins 360 degrees and a handle that extends to your desired length. You know what, why don’t we paint you a scenario? Okay. So you’re getting ready to deep-clean your house. But instead of dreading it, you’re humming your favorite tune as you prepare your tools. First, you get your soap and water (and your cleaning gloves, if that’s something you use). next, you reach for electric spin scrubber and choose the brush head that best fits the task at hand. Then you extend the handle of the scrubber to your desired length and, with a relaxed smile on your face, casually get to cleaning.

With the electric spin scrubber, cleaning is no longer a chore; t becomes a relaxing activity instead. The extensible handle means that you no longer have to spend hours bent over and scrubbing away at your floors, tubs, sinks and lower parts of the walls. It also means that those parts of your house that you couldn’t reach without a ladder or standing on a stool can now be cleaned with ease.

This electric spin scrubber has 3 heads. There’s a flat brush for walls and floors, a dome-shaped brush for tubs, sinks and toilet bowls and a pointy brush for scrubbing corners. The motor and other electrical components are sealed so that water doesn’t get into them.

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