Glass Tea Infuser Bottle


Here’s the perfect bottle for all you lovers of tea, coffee, herbal drinks, juice and good old water. That’s practically everyone, right? We all could use this bottle – especially if you’re serious about staying hydrated. This insulated glass bottle is designed to make brewing the perfect cup of tea or coffee on the go possible. It features an innovative and sleek style that’ll blow your socks off. Why don’t we take a look at some of its fine features?

We’ll start with its insulating feature. Thanks to a double wall,  that’s essentially a glass cup within another, it’s able to keep hot drinks hot; and cold drinks cold. The air in the space between the glasses is sucked out, creating a vacuum. This vacuum prevents heat transfer out of or into the contents of the inner glass. What’s more, the double wall ensures that the bottle doesn’t get too cold or too hot to handle.

In addition to enjoying your drink at your preferred temperature, you also get a healthier drink. The cups are made entirely of glass, a material that’s BPA free. So with this bottle, you can enjoy your drink without worrying about the BPA that plagues plastics isn’t seeping into it. Another feature we must mention is the strainer insert. This is a filter that tea leaves, ground coffee or fruit pieces from getting into the water. 

In spite of its sleek and delicate looks, this bottle is tough and resistant to cracks. It’s robustly constructed with the outdoors and travel in mind. Feel free to check it out here:

  • Minimum order quantity: 2
  • Price in Yuan: 16.00
  • Price in Naira: 1280.00
  • Weight: 0.6kg

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