Toy House for Girls


Your little girl has gone from baby to toddler and now actually plays with her toys instead of chewing on them or banging them on any available surface. She’s ready to engage in more of the kind of play that mimics what she sees you do, play that mimics real life. This is the time to introduce her to a  toy house. Playing with a toy house is a good way to provide your princess an outlet for those nurturing instincts that are part of her feminine traits. 


A toy house is a miniature rendition of a home. Depending on the style, it can be a storey building or a single floor. It can also be a simple living space, a room in a typical house or an elaborate affair with lots of floors and rooms. It should go without saying that the more elaborate a toy house, the more expensive it’ll be. Moreover, toy houses with more features tend to be heavier and thus more expensive to ship. However, you can rest assured that there’s a toy house for a pocket size; so your little doesn’t have to miss out on the fun.

The toy house can be made of wood, plastic and other materials. If the house contains furniture, you might also find fabric covers for the sofas, beddings, curtains, table cloths etc. These items are generally durably constructed with the purpose of child’s play in mind. 

Here are two of the toy houses that we found:

  • Minimum order quantity: 3
  • Price in Yuan: 27.00
  • Price in Naira: 2160.00
  • Weight: 0.65kg

  • Minimum order quantity: 3
  • Price in Yuan: 55.00
  • Price in Naira: 4400.00
  • Weight: 1.3kg


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