Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil

Many women have mastered the art of eyebrow makeup; but there are many more who haven’t, many for whom doing their eyebrows requires serious mental preparation. Now imagine a woman in the second who has gone through all the trouble to draw on her best pair of eyebrows yet. She’s feeling like an accomplished makeup artist; only for her to accidentally smudge her left one. Oh, the pain! The agony!

Okay, that was a bit dramatic but the point is that it’s really sad to see all that effort go to waste, especially if she’s managed to create the perfect pair that defined her features beautifully. It’s why we think that a waterproof eyebrow pencil is just what all the women who have to draw on or fill in their eyebrows need. These pencils’ tips are shaped in such a way that they make drawing eyebrows easy. The tips help you to achieve a more realistic eyebrow. One other feature we like is the brush at the other end of the pencil. So that you don’t need to start rooting around your makeup storage case for an eyebrow brush.

Moreover, this eyebrow pencil doesn’t rub off easily. Once drawn on, the eyebrows will stay on even if you rub them with your finger. So go ahead and scratch the itch around your eyebrow, girlfriend. The pencil is also waterproof so that when you sweat, your eyebrows stay on. In addition to being smudge and water resistant, it’s shatter-proof so that even when you accidentally drop it, it doesn’t break. What’s more, it’s a lightweight item and it comes in different colours.

Check the stores for the waterproof eyebrow pencil:

Minimum order quantity: 10
Price in Yuan: 1.30
Price In Naira: 104.00
Weight: 0.02kg

Minimum order quantity: 5
Price in Yuan: 2.28
Price in Naira: 182.40
Weight: 0.025kg

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