5×5 Transparent Human Hair Closure

All products are sourced from China and subject to 10% Procurement fee plus shipping and clearing cost. See price chart for prices in USD.

Payment Information

  • All payments are made in Naira if you are in Nigeria and in USD or RMB if you are outside Nigeria.
  • You can also pay in RMB if you are in Nigeria if you have a way of doing that.
  • If paying in USD, you will also bear international transaction charges. To simplify this process, we will charge 15% Procurement fee for customers paying in USD.

Procurement and Shipping Timeline

The standard timeline for procurement and shipping from China is 5 to 15 business days depending on your country.

Shipping and Clearing Cost

First, 5×5 transparent human hair closures are generally lightweight and so you shouldn’t be worried about high shipping cost. However, human hairs are luxury items and charged at $15 per kg. One hair bundle usually weighs 0.3kg. So, three hair bundles, usually sufficient for one head, weighs about 1kg.

How to Place an Order

Simply chat with us using the WhatsApp button on this page. Please, ensure you are clear about what you are buying, so we don’t waste time going back and forth. Check the price chart for our 5×5 transparent human hair closure well and note the price of what you wish to buy before chatting with us.

To have direct access with human hair suppliers in China, please, go here: https://spreadit.selar.co/humanhairereport

Shipping Only Service

If you deal with suppliers directly and want us to ship to you, please, instruct supplier to send to the following address:

China Office
Room 323 3/F Mingsheng Business Centre 12-20 Guangyang road, M. Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China.
China Phone number: +86 137 1074 7014
Contact Name: Eze

Pay Supplier Service

If you deal directly with suppliers and want us to help with payment, please, chat with us using the WhatsApp button on this page to know the exchange rate for the day. This service is available for payment in RMB only. So, get your quote from your supplier in RMB and not in USD.

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We have a blog dedicated to everything hair. Please, visit https://hairsdomain.com.

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