Wireless Lost Item Finder

How many times have you wished your keys, purse or wallet had a phone number you could just dial whenever they decide to play hide and seek with you? Countless times, right? You’re not alone as we’ve been down that road a number of times ourselves which is why we’re sure that the Wireless Lost … Read more

Cleaning Gel

A cleaning Gel, yeah you heard right, might be a novel concept to many of us but trust us when we say that for the tasks it’s been designed to do, it’s way better than your regular cleaning brush. This Gel can remove little crumbs, dust, specks and also clean small spaces which we all … Read more

Car Phone Holders

Funny fact: did you know that holding your phone while driving is an illegal act? But with the new Magnetic Car Phone Holder which can be mounted on your car’s dashboard, you can see and use your smartphone with ease – and, hey, using a Car Phone Holder is not illegal. The Magnetic Car Phone … Read more

High-Pressure Car Cleaning Gun

Okay, show of hands, how many of us wouldn’t mind driving or being driven about in a not-so-clean car? Anyone? It’s just as we thought, no one; and we don’t hold it against you as we wouldn’t choose that either. Now, in spite of the general preference for clean cars, the average Joe and Janet … Read more

Tire Pressure Alert Cap

There has been a lot of warning against over inflated tires and the dangers that they pose to the driver and other road users but not enough has been said about how dangerous under inflated tires can be. Automobile engineers and car mechanics understand how important it is to keep tabs on the air level … Read more

Mesh Lumbar Back Brace

A back brace is a device that’s used to provide additional support for the lower back. There are many reasons why people will need the extra lower back support that back braces give such as people with bad posture, those of us who are continually hunched over our computers in work, the aging, pregnant women, … Read more

License Plate Mounted Reverse Camera

We really have to thank God for technology; it has been helping mankind carry out everyday tasks more easily and improving productivity since the first stones were struck to produce fire. It’s difficult to think of any area of life that technology hasn’t helped us with and now, it’s helping us with reverse parking and … Read more