Drawstring Trash Bags

They say necessity is the mother of invention; however, there are times when the desire for a convenient way of doing things is. How else would you make an argument for a drawstring trash bag? They’re inarguably clever and we think that they’ll be a hit. In fact, if the numbers on Amazon are anything … Read more

Robot Vacuums

These adorably cute gadgets are also called robot mops and robot sweepers. And if you let them, they might just become your perfect little helpers with domestic chores. Everyone loves a clean house (at least, we’re yet to meet a person who doesn’t). So just imagine it, a life with less time spent on sweeping, … Read more

Cleaning Gel

A cleaning Gel, yeah you heard right, might be a novel concept to many of us but trust us when we say that for the tasks it’s been designed to do, it’s way better than your regular cleaning brush. This Gel can remove little crumbs, dust, specks and also clean small spaces which we all … Read more

Automatic Wringing Microfiber Mop

This, right here, is a product that promises to make cleaning days less strenuous, less terrifying and more rewarding as it boasts some exciting features that your regular mop doesn’t. For starters, it has an automatic squeeze function that eliminates the need for its user to squeeze out water with their hands. How does that … Read more

High-Pressure Car Cleaning Gun

Okay, show of hands, how many of us wouldn’t mind driving or being driven about in a not-so-clean car? Anyone? It’s just as we thought, no one; and we don’t hold it against you as we wouldn’t choose that either. Now, in spite of the general preference for clean cars, the average Joe and Janet … Read more

Stainless Steel Scourer with Long Handle

“I don’t like a sparkling kitchen”, said no one ever. Seriously, we’re yet to find a person who isn’t pleased by the sight of gleaming pots and pans, squeaky clean sinks and shining stovetops. It’s an inviting sight that makes one want to whip out an apron and get to cooking, never mind whether one … Read more

Innovative Cleaning Brush

See ehn, we’re going to make a very interesting statement without feeling the least bit shamefaced or apologetic about it; here it goes: clean toilets are bae. There, we said it and we’ll say it again if anyone does as much as raise a quarter of an eyebrow. Okay, tell us, why do people insist … Read more

Mop Slippers

Many home owners love to have a clean and orderly house to show off, live and entertain guests in but it’s not every time that they’re able to achieve that, especially when they have kids. We don’t know about you but we’re yet to come across anybody whose hobby is cleaning so it’s safe to … Read more