Wall Mounted Bathroom and Kitchen Storage Box Holder.

Wall mounted storage box

Introducing our Wall Mounted Bathroom and Kitchen Storage Box Holder, the perfect solution for anyone who wants to maximize their storage space in a stylish and practical way. This storage box holder is made from high-quality materials and features a sleek and modern design. It can be easily mounted to any wall in your bathroom … Read more

Drawstring Trash Bags

They say necessity is the mother of invention; however, there are times when the desire for a convenient way of doing things is. How else would you make an argument for a drawstring trash bag? They’re inarguably clever and we think that they’ll be a hit. In fact, if the numbers on Amazon are anything … Read more

Portable Luggage Scale

Tired of overweight baggage charges? Well, the Portable Luggage Scale is an essential device that helps you avoid the frustration of having to rearrange your stuff or pay the extra money airlines charge for a few pounds or kilograms of extra baggage weight. All you have to do is pack your bags and then weigh … Read more

Electronic Assessory Storage/Organizer Case

Packing cables, cords and a number of other bits and pieces that make the daily use of electronic gadgets worthwhile can be quite cumbersome. For instance, one has to remember to pack charging cables and cords, drives, memory cards, card readers, earpieces/airpods, phones and/or tablets – and this is just a list of the basics … Read more

Smart Key Organizer

Virtually every adult you know uses keys; most of us have key rings or key holders with which we keep the keys in one place so that they are readily accessible. There’s just one problem though: it can become a cumbersome and noisy affair (alright, make that two problems). Think about it; you have your … Read more

Aluminum Foil Self-adhesive Kitchen Backsplash

Steam, water, bubbling fluids, sweat and blood (yes, you read correctly, blood) are just some of the random things that one can expect to see in the kitchen on a good day; and on an even  better day, one might just find all four in one kitchen. Now, even though the average person expects to … Read more

Drawer Style Transparent Cabinet

A cluttered space is a special type of hell; one where little devils of frustration and nerve wracking tension jab their pitchforks at their victims and trample on their dreams of seamless processes, punctuality and productivity with infuriating glee. And believe it or not, more people than we can imagine can relate to this picture … Read more

The 360 rotating make-up organizer

Believe it or not, the average woman applies at least five different types of creams, lotions or balms to her body, as a part of her post-bath routine, everyday. Doubt that? Okay, let’s look at it together. First, there’s the body cream or lotion, followed by body spray or deodorant, hair cream or oil or … Read more

Silicone Food Bag

Storing food is a big deal for moms, caterers, chefs and any other people in the food business. There are many containers on the market for food storage but they’re usually bulky and take up lots of space in refrigerators and dishwashers. This can be a problem for folks who do not have such space … Read more

Fingerprint Scanning Smartlock

Remember how we used to watch those sci-fi movies that had lots of futuristic technology and dismissed them as film tricks? Well, a few of those “film tricks” have inspired tech manufacturers to create them or something similar and while some have been hugely successful others are still in the works. Some sci-fi inspired techs … Read more