Pet Massage Shower Head

It is a known fact that an important way to keep pets healthy is by keeping them clean and with the new Pet Shower Bath/Massage Brush, pet grooming just got a lot more easier and fun. The Pet Shower Bath/Massage Brush is a new product on the market that helps pet owners groom their pets … Read more

Pet Travel Carrier

Veterinarians, pet breeders and owners often have to move their canines and felines from place to place; like from one vet’s to another, from their owner’s home to the vet’s and back and from a breeder’s place to an owner’s home. Sometimes, these movements are done over long distances and the animal’s comfort becomes a … Read more

Pet Poop Scooper

A lot of people find the idea of owning pets quite inviting but are turned off by the prospect of having to clean up after them – and we honestly do not hold that against them as it would be unfair to both dog and owner to live in the unhealthy environment that would result … Read more

Reflective Harness for Dogs

It’s a generally accepted fact that dogs are man’s best friends and this relationship has inspired stories like White Fang and 101 Dalmatians; as a matter of fact, there’s even a scientific name for this whole thing and it’s called human-canine bonding. We know that there is an increasing number of pet owners who’d like … Read more